Best decision I made

Frank Cece was incredibly knowledgeable and provided an excellent defense for my unusual and somewhat complicated case. He traveled almost two hours outside of the City to defend me after hearing the details of my case. Often times (perhaps because he was a visiting attorney in my relatively small community), he was not provided the requested or required information from the prosecuting attorneys in advance of a court date making it necessary for him to act quick and sometimes only have a short time after arriving for court to prepare, yet he was brilliant and always provided an excellent defense. He truly cares about his clients and although I hope to never need an attorney again, I would not hesitate to utilize his services or recommend him to anyone.

My experience with Frank Cece Jr. was worth the wait.

This case was a process. The Justice system did not make it for easy for Frank or I. We started with the preliminary hearing. In this hearing during the cross examination he caught the officers in lies. It was obvious that the officer didn't remember his lies; unfortunately, this case was continued and sent to 26th and California to be heard with Judge Margaret Brosnahan. Next, Frank filed a motion for dismissal. Once again in this hearing the officer was caught in lies and couldn't recall his actions. With the officers testimony not making any sense; the motion was still denied. During the preliminary and the motion hearings I did not get to speak. I had to sit patiently and listen to a story that never occurred. At this point, we realize we did not have a chance with a bench trial so we decided to go with a jury trial. This case was continusely continued over a period of two years. At times I would tell Frank if he could speed it up the case. He stressed to me that this was a process and to let him do the worring. He assurred me that I would have my day in court to speak. When that day came I spoke and it was real testimony. I was loud during the testimony due to me patiently waiting for two years. The state tried to use that against me. Frank stressed to the jury that they witnessed a real testimony; fortunately, the jury felt my pain and suffering. After three hours of deliberation the verdict came in not guilty. Frank Cece Jr. was worth the wait and I would recommend him to others.

The Singleton / Sargent Family Review


I first met Mr. Ce Ce Through my wife. I was going through a difficult Child custody battle with my ex wife And my current wife new a criminal lawyer named Frank Ce Ce so She decided to give Mr Ce Ce a call to see if he knew any good family practice lawyers and he told her that he had just started on family practice law and with out no hesitation my wife retain him she told me that she had already knew him and his work and he was very good at what he do and we set out for a year and a half work on my case and we won or should I say he was the case for me.

I would like to say thank you too Mr Frank Ce Ce For a job well done I could never got a better lawyer he is and will always be the best in my book And again thank you Frank for everything you've done for me my son and my wife.

Very Satisfied Client

I felt like I was fighting a losing battle when someone told me about Mr. Cece. During our consultation it was easy to see that he would be the perfect attorney to handle my case. His explanation of the law regarding my case and the excitement he displayed assured me that I could trust him and no longer worry. Everything went as planned and explained and the case was over. Mr. Cece delivered as promised!!!

Frank Cece is a superb Lawyer

I was facing 8 years with a tough judge in Skokie. I had a no bond hold. I received  Tasc probation and he changed the whole Dynamics of my case. My public defender was going to crucify me. His rates were fair and he is very honest promised he would work hard and is liked by the judges and prosecutors. I'm free at last thank God almighty free at last that cook county jail is no place for a human being. Thank you Mr Cece! 

Mr. Cece expunged my criminal record.

I was young and made a mistake. Every time I applied for a job, it came up on my background check and I had to explain why.
Now it’s completely gone.
Thank you Mr. Cece